Squash Risotto (and a new vegetable friend)

This was a day of trying new things!  Being in an abnormally daring mood (this can probably be attributed to the fact that I’m now rollerblading to school and feeling significantly more badass), I decided to try TWO new things: risotto and squash.  Yes, I know what you’re all thinking.  “Has this girl lived in a hole!?  How can she never have possibly eaten these two things?!”  Well it’s the truth.  The only exposure I’ve had to risotto has been when my roommate Alex makes it and I grab the occasional spoonful (secret’s out!) from the pot when she’s not looking.  Ooo, I also know risotto as the food that the contestants on Hells Kitchen always mess up.  See below for dear Gordon Ramsay’s description of this seemingly easy, but apparently very complicated dish…

Now that we’ve been distracted momentarily by Ramsay’s dreamy British accent, let me resume discussing this squash.  When I went to the grocery store in search of a butternut squash, I wandered around the produce section eventually realizing that I have no idea what it actually looks like.  Once again, my wonderful iPhone saved the day, as I was able to quickly google pictures of this strange vegetable (or is it a fruit because it has seeds?  The verdict is still out).  Once I got home, I had this gigantic desire to draw a face on the squash.  I do not know why…these bizarre thoughts just sort of come to me sometimes.  Anyways, the result was the picture below.  I almost drew a face on Brittany’s to make my squash a husband, but I don’t think that would have bode too well for me…

Anyways, the risotto was yummy!  I also discovered the definition of a miracle while making this meal: there was somehow magically chicken stock, white wine and – this is the best part – FRESH SAGE in our kitchen.  This made my day.  I was super sketched out with adding white wine to the mix at first, but after much convincing from Ariel, I finally caved.  Speaking of the recipe, this one was from the October edition of Canadian Living.  It’s a great way to make use of fall’s wonderful harvest, and I definitely recommend it.  The only thing is, it makes LOADS!  I halved the recipe (thank god) and still ended up with enough for four servings.  Make your measurements wisely blogosphere…


5 thoughts on “Squash Risotto (and a new vegetable friend)

  1. Looks delicious. I’m definitely going to try this one! I love squash and risotto, but never thought about putting them together. Love the pictures on the leaves too :)

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