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I’m Hilary.

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I’m a writer, cyclist, and explorer. I enjoy cooking, travelling to new places, and a variety of outdoor activities.

Hilary Makes started out as a food and DIY blog a few years back, and has since grown into something much more.

The most recent of my musings are related to something called planetary health. The term means a lot of things to a lot of different people, but basically it looks at how our health as humans is affected by all the stuff we’re doing to the Earth. Planetary health sees the Earth, and all the species that live and depend on it, as an interconnected system — something I’ve long valued, but never quite had the words to describe. I’m currently working for the Planetary Health Alliance in a dream job: producing a series of case studies about the worldwide solutions that are addressing what happens when we disrupt our planet’s natural systems. (Say what? More background information on this blog post.)

So welcome to the latest iteration of Hilary Makes: documenting future solutions for this beautiful, complex planet. And I’ll be sharing my own story along the way.

Want to talk? You can drop me a line at hilary.dot.duff@gmail.com.


33 thoughts on “About

  1. Yes, that Weber name is the same one that your room mate has. In fact, we are related.

    You have an excellent blog Hilary. I am going to pimp it on my site for you.

    Nice work.


  2. Hi, we looked at your picture and she said that she does not remember seeing you. We want to try your Spring Chicken Salad, it looks so yuummy!

  3. just checking… by “instinctive kick when things are done in the oven”, do you mean, you pull them out every thirty seconds, so chances are, at one of the 30 second intervals, they will in fact be done? ;) Wuv you

  4. I can totally make a veggie believer out of you my friend. Mmhmm. Love your blog! So cute :) I totally have vegan cafe envy when I look at your photos. Yum much?! I’m all about connecting with like-minded young people out on this big old web. I’m glad I stopped by!

  5. You are going to find this hilarious.. So, I was on wordpress checking up what was ‘freshly pressed’ and came across this, and saw the name and the town and wondered if it might be the Hilary I took lifeguarding courses in Timmins with! Anyway, nice to see its you and glad you’re doing well!
    -Steph Higgs

  6. Wow, nice blog. Almost like scanning through the pages of a home/cooking/lifestyle etc magazine. Love the pictures but your missing beer.lol

  7. I love the free-spirited attitude you embrace. I am looking forward to your adventures and musings. It’s great that you got a bucket list and from what I can tell I’m sure you will cross out each item on the list. Happy Blogging.

  8. Hi Hilary! Just found your blog and love your writing! I love that you want to report from one or more of the Territories, I’m from the Northwest Territories and am a very proud northerner! If you’re ever up in Yellowknife, let me know, and if you’re looking for contacts in the media up there, I would be happy to help you out.

    One of the (many) beautiful things about the north is that people can get extraordinary work experience in their chosen field for the simple reason that there aren’t all that many people applying for jobs.

    Can’t wait to read more:)

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