Chilled Pea Soup with Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits

Although this soup looks like something out of Harry Potter’s potions class, it actually tasted excellent.  Being more experimental with my vegetable intake, I decided that this chilled pea soup (actually called “cold pea soup with chives and lemon by Canadian Living) was a great way for me to adventure into the world of pureed vegetable soups.  It was super easy to make, and involved me using my roommate Natalie’s fantastic non-stick pan (always a joy) to cook everything up.  The “cold” aspect of this soup made it especially enjoyable, since we’ve been experiencing an unusual beginning of September heat wave lately.  Since I was far too cheap to buy the fresh peas required for this recipe, I made use of one of the million bags of frozen veggies we have in our freezer.  Due to this handy and large supply of frozen peas, this entire meal cost a grand total of…wait for it…$0 to make!

Also, these cheddar buttermilk biscuitswere amazing and so easy to make.  Although I had a terrible encounter with biscuit-making when I was young (something involving me using baking soda instead of powder…), every batch since has worked out swimmingly.  I definitely recommend these for a fast supper accompaniment.

Something learned from this dinner: Green onions are somehow related to chives.  Since I couldn’t find chives at the grocery store, three different people informed me that I could use green onions as an alternative.  Who knew?

PS: Sorry to Canadian Living for renaming both recipes, there was no way I could include the word “chives” in the name if they contained no chives.  I absolutely refuse to false advertise.


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