Roasted Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup

This soup was my lifesaver early last week when I wasn’t able to chew anything.  Although I am (thankfully) now fully recovered from my wisdom teeth operation, this soup was a delicious way to enjoy my liquid diet meals.  Also, the only reason I decided to stop relying solely on mushy foods was because I really wanted chicken wings on my birthday…is this bad?

I’m typing this post right before I have to rush off to class, so I’ll be fairly quick about it.  Ever since I discovered that I love sweet potatoes, I have been looking for an excuse to include them in everything I make.  This soup was the perfect way to do this and, although I ate probably 1/4 of the potato before it even made it in the soup pot (roasted sweet potato = heaven), what was included added a lot of flavour and contributed to the overall consistency.

This might be the last hot soup I make for awhile, since the winter months are speeding towards the end.  Who knows though, if Ottawa weather keeps acting the way it is I might just have to extend my winter cooking until the end of March.  Fingers crossed that this is not the case, I want to start taking food pictures outside again!!!

PS: Ha! Just realized that the first picture looks like a soupy sunset.

Source: Canadian Living


5 thoughts on “Roasted Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup

  1. I hope the winter ends soon, too! Although I still have so many more “winter dishes” I want to make this season.. hehe. ;) I, too, also learned I loved sweet potatoes this year – who would have thought?
    This soup looks great! Most veggies go very well with roasted red peppers. I was going to make a roasted red pepper and carrot soup, but looks very tempting, too. :)

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