S’mores Cake

As far as desserts go, I’m pretty sure this cake represents me completing a s’mores hat trick.  Earlier this week I was feeling a little glum; I had so much school work to do, I hadn’t been home except to sleep for a few days straight and I was just overly frustrated at the lack of blogging and delicious food eating I had been doing lately.  In true Hilary fashion I went upstairs, turned on some Taylor Swift and started singing at the top of my lungs.  The combination of baking and singing (poorly) were the only two things that could cure my slump.

I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to make when I first went upstairs, however I very quickly decided that s’more-ing it up was the absolute only thing to do.  I originally wanted to have chocolate cookie crumbs on the bottom of the dessert with a graham cracker cake on top of that, but I was faced with an obstacle of terrible proportions.  Did you know that chocolate crumbs go bad?  Me neither, but for some reason these smelled really sweet and tasted chalky.  I’ve had them since the summer, but I thought that stuff was sort of non-perishable.  Apparently not.  Thank god my roommate Alex came up and insisted on eating the crumbs, otherwise I wouldn’t have found out about the mystery flavour until post-baking.  Not good.

So in the end, here was the anatomy of the cake:
– Graham cracker cake (recipe adapted from Annie’s Eats)
– Melted marshmallow*
– Chocolate glaze
– Graham cracker crumbs

*HOLY melted marshmallows have the sticking power of Krazy Glue.  I almost permanently pasted several kitchen utensils to the counter.  Once I melted the little buggers and tried to spread out the marshy layers with my fingers, I very quickly learned that I either had to find some way to (pardon my language) lubricate my fingers otherwise suffer a sudden tragic death from marshmallow stickyness.  For said lubrication, margarine was very handy.  Thank you greasy fats.

PS: Halloween wrap-up post to come tomorrow!


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