Halloween Wrap-Up

As I promised, here is my Halloween wrap-up post!  This entry will be equal parts food and equal parts awesome Halloween costume.  Basically, all you need to know is that I was a California sushi roll for Halloween and that (I think) I looked adorable.

For those of you wondering how the hell I made this thing (or even if you’re not), the entire costume was made with a big cardboard circle, construction paper folded in this way and that and chunks of styrofoam (for the imitation crab, cucumber and avocado, duh!).

Ariel was very helpful in the whole glue-gunning process

Here is a picture of the roommates + Linda.  Yes, this is our “make a stupid face” picture.  It was the most in focus picture we had, so don’t complain.  From left-right: Natalie as a mummy (or mummified Cleopatra, your choice), Amanda as Snow White, Alex as Eve (her boyfriend Dane was Adam), me, Ariel as Cleopatra, Linda as a geisha and Brittany as her fabulous self (since her mom was in town and she didn’t go out with us).

The pictures above were actually taken the day before Halloween.  These are the images that composed my October 31:

Marshmallows dipped in liquid candy and decorated with sprinkles

Pictures taken with my pinhole camera app that make our kitchen look like an old fashioned candy shop

Candy apple cupcakes made by roomie Britt and new friend Freya

After we missed buying tickets for the Mayfair showing of Rocky Horror, this was the best discovery of the evening.  Rogers on Demand, you’re a lifesaver!

Best line of the evening? It came from a trick or treater: “I’M A BACTERIA!”  Indeed he was, clad in neon green fabric.  Adorable.

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