Mediterranean Barley Rice Salad

Is it sad that I start brainstorming what I am going to say for these posts before I even return home from the grocery store?

Since it is absolutely scorching here in Ottawa, and because of the fact that I am sitting in a giant house-sauna, it is not necessary to explain why I decided to stay away from any baked/oven-prepared meal today.  Since even just starting to type this very small segment of text, my fingertips and palms have begun to sweat (how ladylike of me), and I find myself wondering how in the world it is that I have not yet passed out due to heat stroke.  This week at work has been incredibly insane so far – we have officially finished 1/3 of the Summer O marathon, with every upcoming session making me fear I may go hysterical.  I know I am whining; please forgive me, I love my job, I really do!!  </whining> Let the positivity and tales of salad cooking begin! ……….

Through today’s cooking adventure, I have discovered several things about myself:

ONE. I adore cucumber, especially that of the English variety.  Cucumber is also incredibly fun to slice (I got a similar satisfaction when I sliced tofu for the first time).
TWO. If planning on using mangoes, said fruit must be bought days in advance, to allow sufficient time for ripening.  I discovered this during a phone call to my mom whilst in the grocery store today (“mom, when they say ‘firm mangoes’ what do they mean?”)
THREE. When your dinner plans for the evening have been completely thrown off by non-ripe mangoes, the best you can do is locate the nearest copy of a Canadian Living magazine and run around the grocery store hysterically trying to collect ingredients for a new meal.
THREE A. This meal is the result of this hysteria.

On that note, this salad could not have turned out any better!  The recipe was from the June issue of Canadian Living, and the recipe can be found right here.  The dish had a perfect balance of grain and vegetables, and the spinach made a really great base for the rest of the salad.  The dressing was light and lemon-flavoured, and was a perfect cool down after a tiring, hot day.  The salad was also super colourful, which I obviously LOVE, so the pictures turned out magnificently!  Even the name sounds exotic!  What more can a little food blogger ask for?  I definitely recommend this salad to anyone and everyone.  Mom, if you’re reading this post, let me tell you that I am making this salad next time I come home.

Thanks again Canadian Living, you’re a lifesaver!


4 thoughts on “Mediterranean Barley Rice Salad

  1. I cannot believe your eating veggies now h. duff its soo mad crazy n this food looks amazing perfect for a hot summer day :) i think u should try and make a delicious lasagna so wheni come back in september we can attempt to make a delicious one :) not burnt

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