Artichoke Dip

Tonight, I am going to a Cranium/Appetizer party, where my brain will be tested and my body weight in food will be ingested (note: clever rhyme).  Never having played Cranium before nor having made an appetizer, I was 0/2 for the night’s adventures.  Starting out, I was originally going to make these pinwheel-like tortilla appetizer things, using a recipe given to me by Gord (even if I didn’t use his recipe, I still needed to shamelessly plug his blog here).  Still not trusting the broiler on our psychotic, overheating oven, I decided against making the tortilla treats, and instead settled on a happy alternative.

Making a rapid, panicked phone call to my mom earlier this morning, she decided that the best thing for me to make would be an artichoke dip: simple, yet (hopefully) delicious.  It actually took no time at all to make and, even though I sliced my finger while cutting the pita pieces, I think the result was pretty fantastic!  Now to get the artichoke dip to the party…OC Transpo, please be my friend this evening.  PS: artichoke hearts actually smell delicious, turns out my fear of artichokes prior to today was completely unmerited).


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