The Birthday Series

With two office birthdays coming up this week, I figured it was about time for me to introduce my new blog feature: the Birthday Series!  I have decided that for every person celebrating their birthday in my office, I would make them a special Hilary-homemade card and cake (with white buttercream icing, of course).  Since I don’t want to wreck the surprise for the two birthday girls, I just thought I would do a quick introductory post showing one of the mini cakes I made, and the fabulous cake decorations I bought.  Check back tomorrow night and Tuesday as I upload the other birthday surprises!

Hilary cakes?  Also, the BEST buttercream icing recipe on the face of the earth, found, of course, on the Canadian Living website here.

These little candied gems cost $6.99 from Grace in the Kitchen…thank god they’re pretty!


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