Cumin Chickpea Soup

Having been inspired in the past few weeks by my friend Gord and his undying love of chickpeas, I decided that it was finally time for me to cook my first chickpea-centred meal.  Not really knowing what I was going to make, I eagerly grabbed the biggest can of chickpeas I could find in the grocery store, and carried it home in my metallic purple backpack.  Returning home from a 10 hour workday (it is convocation week at school – exhausting), I wanted something soothing, warm and light, since I had just gobbled down a delicious Carleton cupcake.

Like everything else I make, I got this recipe from Canadian Living.  This one wasn’t in my cookbook, but rather on their website.  I love typing in keywords and searching for new, scrumptious recipes such as this.  I only used up half my can of chickpeas on this soup, which means I will be searching the web again soon for another chickpea recipe…

I ate this soup with a few slices of 12-grain/fennel bread from Grace in the Kitchen, the friendly neighbourhood kitchen store that I mentioned in an earlier post.  Although it was the perfect companion to my soup, there was a little too much fennel and not enough grain; I may stick with my boring white loaf from now on.  Add some fresh lemon slices, and this meal was complete!  My first very-nearly vegetarian meal.  Now to substitute chicken stock with vegetable stock – I’ll get there one day!

Probably making chocolate chip cookies tonight for the Friday treat.  Since it’s convocation, I have to feed three times as many people as usual!  Pressure’s on.


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