Santa Fe Beef Fajitas

I said I wasn’t going to make a nice dinner for the rest of the week, but I had all the ingredients for this recipe, so I couldn’t resist!  With my improving cooking skills, I have started to rely less and less on actual recipes, and more on my Julie/Julia cooking instinct!  That being said, I still got the basis for these fajitis from my Canadian Living cookbook (I would post the link, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere online, apologies!).  Anyways, all the veggies for these fajitas – red pepper, orange pepper, red onion and corn – fried up really nicely, and there turned out to be an outstanding 2:1 veggie to beef ratio.  Two months ago, a ratio like that would have been a miracle, but now its almost the norm!  PS: corn is the best thing ever in fajitas…

Since we have lunch provided every day at work this week, I won’t be able to bring leftovers in, which means tomorrow’s supper will be fajita night, take two.  There are worse things in life then a fun fajita fiesta (again with the alliterations…)

This is completely unrelated, but I just wanted to post a picture of my backpack, to show off its awesome toiletry-holding abilities.

Buenas noches amigos!


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