Sunday Night Dinner (Spanish Chicken with Peppers and Wildberry Crumble)

I AM WATCHING A HARRY POTTER SPECIAL ON NBC AND LOVING LIFE.  Eleven-year-old Daniel Radcliffe is so cute!

</nerdy obsession> Now for the actual post…

Since I’ve been quite the shlump for the past 24 hours (I watched season six of Sex and the City in its entirety), I decided I should cook myself an actual meal.  While finding out about Carrie and her new, creepy Russian boyfriend Aleksandr, I flipped through my Canadian Living cookbook and found a recipe forSpanish Chicken with Peppers.  The recipe looked easy enough and gave me an excuse to go to one of my favourite stores,Grace in the Kitchen, located a short walk from my humble abode.  At the store, I bought the best bread ever, a simple white loaf to go with my meal (it has a more impressive name, I just forgot it…sorry!).  So the chicken turned out awesome, and I really liked that the sauce had ham in it – it added a nice unique contrast to the tomatoes and red peppers.

While I ate my scrumptious chicken, I had dessert cooking in the oven.  My Wildberry Crumble turned out amazingly, considering I had to create a single-serving recipe using approximate ingredient estimations.  Thank god for all the extra frozen berries we had in our freezer!  They were perfect for this after-supper treat.

I’m really busy this week, so I’m not sure how often I will be able to post on here.  By the end of the week, however, you can be sure that I will have gotten sick of soup noodles and will need a good meal…


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