Chicken Tortilla Soup

I know what you’re thinking: “how can Hilary be making soup when it’s almost June, she must be insane!”  Well let me tell you, dear readers, that your diagnoses of insanity is quite accurate; however, this soup was actually perfect for today.  With the sun taking a well-deserved break from an otherwise scorching week, I decided to take advantage of the cloudiness and make this heart warming Mexican-fiesta-in-a-bowl.

The recipe was from my Canadian Living cookbook (obviously) and found me making my first ever homemade soup.  Gone are the days of Campbell’s heat-and-eat soups – I am officially a cook!  I ended up adding way more cumin and chili pepper than the recipe suggested…I like a soup with a little kick!

Also, if anyone is ever looking for a great snack, fry some cut up tortilla pieces.  I added my homemade tortilla chips to the top of the soup and it was a delicious crunchy contrast to the smooth consistency of the soup.

First attempt at soup: a success!  Also, this Mexican-inspired dish curbed my major craving for tacos, and at half the cost.  Hilary: 1, Food expenses: 0.

Next up on the menu?  Something to use up my ricotta cheese (which expires in two days) and my copious amount of mini sweet peppers.


4 thoughts on “Chicken Tortilla Soup

  1. Hi Hilary,
    I’m impressed!! I never thought you could cook and all your creations look delicious – would love to try your insanity soup ( I love soup regardless of the weather).
    Keep at it!!!

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