Blogging Supplies

Instead of making the quiche I was supposed to have for dinner tonight, I went to Ikea with a few of my friends, one of whom luckily had a fantastic minivan to cart us around in.  Of course, I didn’t really need anything from the store, but it is just so hard to resist a walk around in the best place ever.  Rather than having quiche for supper, I had a glorious plate of Ikea meatballs, which I think is a good alternative to a homemade dinner.  At the end of the day, I came away with a few useful cooking things, including some new dishes so I can plate my food in a pretty manner, a pizza cutter, and a cake lifter!

Since Ikea has a bunch of great things, I also managed to pick up a six-pack of watercolour paints, perfect for some craft project that I will be completing at a later date.  So much cheaper than buying from an art store.  Go Ikea!

One final note: I got a care package in from my mom today, and in it came many treasures, including a souvenir T-shirt from when my dad went to Stockholm (which I wore to Ikea, how Swedish of me) and this …

Thank you mom and thank you Ikea!


2 thoughts on “Blogging Supplies

  1. YES, for you getting a pizza cutter!! No more awkwardly cutting deformed pizza’s with Britt’s nice steak knives!
    Also, your blog consistently makes me hungry at work!
    I CANNOT believe you like veggies. And, I expect you to share your leftovers with me in Sept.
    miss you!

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