Dijon cheddar chicken

Apparently this blog has slowly turned into a documentation of all the delicious food I have been cooking.  I swear, it wasn’t even my main intention to create a foodie blog – it just seems that lately all I’ve had time for is work and cooking, so I might as well make the latter pretty and share it with all of you, right?  Here is my official promise to create some fantastic crafts to share very, very soon.  Next weekend perhaps.  Keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, here are two pictures of tonight’s dinner: dijon cheddar chicken!  The flavours in the sauce were lovely, and I finally overcame my fear of mustard and tried it!  So glad I did.  The light on the porch was kind of shady today (bad pun? I think so!), so I hope these pictures are alright!  Enjoy!


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