Ground beef curry

Today when I got off work I was almost absolutely positively sure I was going to bike over to the nearby-ish chinese food restaurant and pick myself up a delicious combo number 10.  After realizing I was far too poor and far too lazy to bike all the way to Hog’s Back (really not that far, but Wednesdays are exhausting, are they not?) I decided I would attempt to recreate another one of Canadian Living’s cookbook specialties.  I had some extra ground beef hanging around the freezer, and had been craving indian food almost as badly as chinese, so I decided this would be the perfect recipe for today!

And so, after dragging my tired, working butt down to the grocery store to buy curry paste, I created this… there was enough food for me, my friend Mike and lunch AND supper tomorrow night.  Oh man, I will be curry-ed out.

Interesting story involving the origins of the peas: I only had a frozen bag of mixed peas and carrots, so I patiently picked through the entire bag until I had a the required one cup of peas.  Just perhaps, this is a sign I have too much time on my hands.  Special thanks goes out to the random mint plant chilling on our kitchen counter: you added the beautiful green colour at a time when the peas turned a not-so-nice shade of curry brown.


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