Since my friend Alan is here from Montreal, I have been eating rather decadently (since he is a self-proclaimed food snob).  Last night for dinner we had onion and mushroom crêpes with melted brie.  THAT was only the appetizer – we then cooked up some delicious trout and had that with baguette…wonderful, right?  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures, since by the time we finished cooking everything, it was dark outside, and the dining room light just wasn’t cutting it…

Anyways, this morning I knew we were going to have to make something just as gourmet as last night’s dinner – for some reason I just knew Alan wasn’t a “Cheerios and milk” sort of guy.  Here is a picture of the delicious waffles we made, using my fairly new yard sale purchase: a $10 never-used belgian waffle maker!


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