My Day in Pictures: March 25, 2011

I bought a bunch of new packs for my iPhone Hipstamatic app.  This is the result.

1: Britt playing “Here Comes the Sun.”  Me singing along horribly.  Let Friday night begin.

2: The first of many creepy iPhone shots I took at the new Shoppers Drug Mart in my neighbourhood.  The lighting in the fragrance aisle was too great to resist.  I am 100 per cent sure the sales lady thought I was an extremely shady shopper.

3: Likely my future kitchen furniture.  Very 1980’s, especially as seen through my new Hipstamatic lens.  You can’t fully appreciate it from this picture, but the chairs are the most fantastic pastel easter egg colour.  The table centre piece is a tiny giraffe family peering out the window.



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