Festive Fruitcake Cookies à la Pioneer Woman Cooks

Okay, so maybe these aren’t that festive anymore since it’s now January, but shush.

So I know it must seem that all I’ve been doing lately is baking.  This is, in part true, but only because I haven’t had much time to eat anything but my copious amounts of reheated, leftover soup.  To add to my massive amounts of baking, I present to you these fruitcake cookies.  After I made my dad’s fruitcake back in December, I was left with several bags of leftover gooey fruit and peel.  In a stroke of genius, my roommate Britt came across this recipe for fruitcake cookies on one of our favourite blogs, The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  When we measured out my leftovers ingredients, I had EXACTLY the right amount of fruit.  It was like the fates wanted me to make these cookies and really, who am I to deny the foodie gods anyways?

Now, these are technically called cookies, but they’re really more of mini whoopie-pie-like cakes.  I didn’t actually like the fruitcake that I made for my dad (although he loved it!), so I was a little skeptical as to how these were going to turn out.  In the end, they wound up being fantastic and, although not for everyone I’ll admit, had a hearty taste and a chewy softness that made me super happy.  Also, there was a cup of brandy/whiskey in these babies, which absorbed quite nicely into the fruit…

PS: WHY do I blog before bed?!  All I want now are the enchiladas that the Pioneer Woman has on her homepage.  Deadly.


3 thoughts on “Festive Fruitcake Cookies à la Pioneer Woman Cooks

  1. I /love/ PWC. I ADORE it. I have made both her mac and cheese and her risotto a handful of times. Neither fails me.

  2. So the other day my sister and I were chatting about this. I’m going to pass this post along, tweeting it now. Thank you for the delicious post and the happy coincidence.

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