Happy Birthday Amanda! ft. white chocolate macadamia nut cookies

Yesterday one of my dear roommates Amanda celebrated her 21st birthday.

Seeing as she is the first of us to hit this age of eternal youth and glory, we were obviously expected to celebrate in style.  No one, and I repeat with emphasis NO ONE loves their birthday more than Amanda loves hers.  She even has a name for her week of birthday festivities: Amandapalooza.

One of her birthday wishes this year was for me to make her white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.  You see, Amanda almost loves cookies as much as she loves her birthday.  And so, a birthday wish was granted, and three dozen mini clone cookies were created.

But WAIT!  Just because Amanda’s birthday was yesterday doesn’t mean that the fun has stopped.  I may be out of town this weekend with my other roommate Britt, but the festivities continue.  Amanda, have a blast this weekend and have a shameless time feasting on cookies and cupcakes (calories also don’t count on your birthday weekend!!!).  Have fun and make this the best Amandapalooza ever (until next year, that is)!

PS: the recipe for these cookies can be found here. :)


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Amanda! ft. white chocolate macadamia nut cookies

  1. OMGGGEEE these pictures are soo beautiful you are so talented and those cookies were made mowed asap! They were so delicious and gone soo fast like i gobbled them up. The card was beautiful as per usual and the delicious pizza that you soo talently prepared with stuff crust that night was just as amazing! Thank you best roomie eva!!!!

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