Ham and Cheese Quiche

Unable to sleep after being wow-ed for the past hour and a half by the NEW Toy Story movie, I have decided that I will update this blog (as you’ve probably guessed if you’re reading this post).  That’s right – blogging has now become more important to me than a good night’s rest.  I am officially addicted.

I made this quiche on Monday night, but didn’t want to post about it earlier in the week since I wanted all potential readership to be directed at admiring the poorly-iced mini cakes I made for birthday surprises.  Now that the birthday streak is over, I can officially resume normal posting.  Until the next birthday rolls around on July 5, that is…

I used my mom’s recipe for this quiche and, when it was complete, this wonderful dinner pie tasted exactly like home.  I have no idea how I did it, but I somehow managed to polish off an entire 9-inch quiche in less than 24 hours.  Feel free to be impressed by the abilities of my dear stomach.  Anyways, if you’re looking for the recipe, I have decided that I’m going to create a separate “recipes tab” which can be accessed from my homepage.  So many people have been requesting a link to my recipes (usually from Canadian Living), so I will finally answer your prayers and link you, all in good time.  And by good time, I mean I will probably create the tab tomorrow…

And of course I ate the rest of my “H” cake for dessert, nom nom nom!


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