Beet and goat cheese quiche

This post is a lesson into why you shouldn’t let vendors at farmer’s markets sell you two large bunches of beets.

The fateful day was last Sunday and the victim was me. I biked to the market innocently enough, looking to buy just enough of the root vegetable to make a nice, tiny borscht dinner for myself. Since I had forgotten to buy my beets when I was at the market earlier, I went back just when it was closing down. This meant that all the vendors wanted to do was load off their vegetables on last minute buyers like me.

As though armed with psychic powers, the vendor struck me at my weakest point.

“Would you like a deal?” he asked.

There it was. I was sold. I didn’t even know what the bargain was yet and I was already pandering off my money to him. As a student and a sucker for deals, I had no choice but to accept. At least he wasn’t pawning off his entire stock on me, right? Anyways, I ended up with two huge…lets call them bouquets of beets. About 12 of them in total. I think it was a good deal – $7 for two bunches versus the regular $10? Perhaps I was ripped off. I guess my magenta-hued self will never know.

Though beets are an inherently healthy vegetable, these beets put my safety at risk. Both of my bikes happen to only have one brake, and that remaining brake is compressed by the hand that is normally assigned to carry cheesecake, cupcakes, toilet paper and now beets. I had very little stopping power going down Sunnyside towards my house, and was extremely grateful for the lack of Sunday morning traffic. Damn you beets. Damn you to hell.

In other news, this quiche was awesome. I’ve always liked quiche, ever since I was a vegetable-hating child (approximately up until the age 0f 19). My mom used to make a simple ham and cheese version for my family, and so I consider every quiche made after that point to be adaptation of her recipe. Thank you, mom.

Hearty goodness

There were several delicious ingredients contained within this meal, including the beets, red onion and leek. I can’t mention leeks without recalling the time when I was, oh, 12-or-so, and helped out for the morning at my uncle’s leek farm in Ireland alongside my cousins. We were packaging the leeks and emerged from that darkened warehouse with our eyes watering towards the sea. Since then, leeks have always made me cry.

Finally, a special thanks goes out to my lovely roommate, Freya, for letting me use some of her aunt’s gifted-upon-us goat cheese. Seriously, you have no idea how much goat cheese we have in this house. I mean, I think this should be the standard amount of cheese for any household, but I guess it is a bit ridiculous. Three medium-sized tupperware containers. Is this what heaven looks like?

PS: I’m sorry, I cheated again and used pre-made pie crust. I know, I know. Don’t give me that look. I just had no time, okay? Here, have a food pun.

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Corn and Bacon Quiche (featuring the utilization of our new and wonderful deep freeze)

To end off the month, I knew I had to get around making this one last recipefrom the September issue of Canadian Living.  I’ve really been meaning to make this one for awhile, but the fact that I had to make my own quiche crust kind of deterred me up until now.  Yesterday evening I finally decided that I could wait no longer and, since I had been having a kitchen marathon in preparation for CAPITAL CUPCAKE CAMP (pictures of my top secret cupcake will be posted soon!), I decided to extend my kitchen stay for awhile longer.

Making this cornmeal-based dough was pretty basic, but I found I had to add a little more water than requested, to make the blob of stuff surrounding my fingers stick together.  The result was this delicious doughy ball, off which I snatched at least a handful of dough to eat before the pie assembling even began.  Must I always eat raw dough?  Yes.  At least there weren’t any raw eggs in this one…

The rest of this dinner was sheer chaos.  This supper saw THREE of us in our cramped, student home kitchen attempting to make three different dishes.  Needless the say, there were bowls, cutlery and crumbs everywhere.  After miraculously managing to fit my quiche into the oven beside Britt’s biscuits, the rest went fairly smoothly.  I only mildly freaked out with how early the sun is setting.  MUST figure out new photographing method, or I may cry.

In the end, the quiche was yummy… bacon can always be counted on to make things better!  The homemade crust was delicious and has made me never want to buy those pre-made Pillsbury crusts ever again!  Grocery store, I am defeating you.  Oh right, and the deep freeze: well our smart Costco purchase allowed me to freeze my meal away for a night when I have nothing to make and am drawn to soup noodles.  Lazy but balanced dinners?  Win!

Gord’s Dinner, Part Two: Mini Quiches

At approximately 5:30 p.m. on Sunday evening, I decided that a salad could not possibly be enough for dinner (despite what Canadian Living said about it being a “main course dish”).  With such thought, I promptly began to mildly freak out, whipping open every cookbook in sight in an attempt to find something else to make.  Gord was due for dinner an exact hour after this breakdown occurred.

Since I am writing this post, I’m sure you have all guessed that I successfully managed to make a supplementary dish for dinner.  Inspired by a recipe for mini quiche lorraines in one of our house cookbooks, I quickly went to work creating my own spinoff of the classic recipe.  It was easy-peasy, and basically consisted of me lining greased muffin tins with pre-made pie crust, shoving some sandwich meat (ham) and mozzarella cheese in the base, and filling the rest of the tin up with an egg and milk mixture.  Sprinkle fresh chives on the top, and voila – an appetizer!  For once, I am extremely grateful for my overheated, possessed student oven, as it cooked these quiches in a record breaking 20 minutes.

And they were GOOD.  Quiche is probably one of my favourite foods, and the fact that I whipped these up in an hour makes me giddy with delight.  Nom, nom, nom, nom!

Ham and Cheese Quiche

Unable to sleep after being wow-ed for the past hour and a half by the NEW Toy Story movie, I have decided that I will update this blog (as you’ve probably guessed if you’re reading this post).  That’s right – blogging has now become more important to me than a good night’s rest.  I am officially addicted.

I made this quiche on Monday night, but didn’t want to post about it earlier in the week since I wanted all potential readership to be directed at admiring the poorly-iced mini cakes I made for birthday surprises.  Now that the birthday streak is over, I can officially resume normal posting.  Until the next birthday rolls around on July 5, that is…

I used my mom’s recipe for this quiche and, when it was complete, this wonderful dinner pie tasted exactly like home.  I have no idea how I did it, but I somehow managed to polish off an entire 9-inch quiche in less than 24 hours.  Feel free to be impressed by the abilities of my dear stomach.  Anyways, if you’re looking for the recipe, I have decided that I’m going to create a separate “recipes tab” which can be accessed from my homepage.  So many people have been requesting a link to my recipes (usually from Canadian Living), so I will finally answer your prayers and link you, all in good time.  And by good time, I mean I will probably create the tab tomorrow…

And of course I ate the rest of my “H” cake for dessert, nom nom nom!