Salmon with a Lentil Pilaf

After an extensive lesson from my roommate Natalie on how to pronounce “pilaf,” this meal was officially complete.  Never having made this strange pilaf thing before, I knew this meal was going to be an interesting, new adventure.  First of all, the pilaf was made completely of vegetables, marking my official leap into the wonderful world of veggies.  Second, I almost cut my finger off when I got a little too enthusiastic chopping the celery.  Cooking with me is never boring, let me tell you!

The problem I have been facing lately is leftovers.  I have been making all this delicious food to blog about, but I always end up cooking way more than my little belly needs.  With such a dilemma, my normal pb&j sandwich lunches have been replaced by lasagna, lentil pilafs and enough homemade pizza to share with all my co-workers (true story).  Tomorrow there is a BBQ at work, but alas I must bring this leftover salmon.  I am guaranteed still buying a burger, make no mistake.

Since one of my co-workers Iffy (shout out!) requested that I start to post a link to the recipes I use, here it is – try it out!

Also, check out my friend Gord‘s fun new food blog, The Savoury Starving Student(he likes alliterations)!!


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