S’mores Cupcakes

I’ve started this thing where every Friday (this was my second Friday, it’s not quite a pattern yet..) I bring in a delicious baked treat for my wonderful co-workers.  Last week’s baked good was the cheesecake, so I knew I had to do something dramatically different for this week’s surprise.  I asked our team leader Kristina on Thursday what she would like me to bring in for the next day, and she eagerly suggested that I make the s’mores cookies I photographed earlier for this blog.  Since I didn’t want to start with food re-runs already, I knew I needed to find a new way to incorporate s’mores into a delicious recipe.

Just when I thought all was lost, my favourite dessert blog Bakerellasaved the day!  I was just scanning through the pages looking for a white cake recipe when I stumbled on her recipe for “s’more-or-less cupcakes.”  The second I saw them, I knew I needed to make them.  Two hours later, voila!  These cupcakes were decadent, and the recipe made the perfect amount for all the staff in our office.

Just so you all know, I still have leftover s’mores ingredients, so expect a s’mores cheesecake sometime in the near future.

As for tonight’s dinner?  I’m going back to my “can’t cook” roots and having soup noodles.


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