Chicken Couscous wraps with red pepper mayonnaise

Since I haven’t been home long enough in the past few days to craft up an elaborate meal, I decided that nothing screams “make your own dinner” like a Tuesday night.  Like pretty much every other food post on this blog, the recipe for this wrap came from my Canadian Living cookbook.

Most valuable player in tonight’s dinner adeventure?  Our wonderful Magic Bullet blender, that whipped up the most perfect, smooth red pepper mayonnaise.  The pictures for this one are a little plain – apparently wraps are the toddlers of food: very messy and difficult to photograph.  Will know better for next time.  I packaged up a delicious extra-portion of this meal for lunch tomorrow.  With that, and homemade chocolate cake (which I hopefully won’t eat before 9 a.m. this time), I will be the envy of all my fellow lunch munchers.

Today’s snippet of self-discovery: I like zucchini!


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