Honey-Garlic Pork Medallions with Couscous

Although I’m super tired after my first week of work (It’s an AWESOME job, but I’m not used to 7 a.m. mornings – yes, I am whining a bit), I decided it was important to celebrate the completion of the week with a good dinner.  I came home after work and started flipping through my trusty Canadian Living cookbook.  I had marked this recipe as one I wanted to try, so I figured I would go for it tonight.  I promptly biked down to the grocery store and picked up the few ingredients I was missing and then, with the sounds of a Friends episode blaring in the background, I started cooking.  And here we are!  The dish tasted so good, and since it made enough for a small family, I will have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow.  I love my leftovers!


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