Experiments with colour and paper

When compiling a list of my favourite things, paper crafts will always be right near the top.

My extensive coloured paper collection is perhaps topped only by my button collection. Each occupy a special part of my bedroom, be it several drawers in my desk or glass jars that used to hold my favourite spaghetti sauce.

A paper drawer explosion that resulted from an episode of birthday card-making

I’ve always liked paper.

In my second and third year of university, my pick-up line for boys or friends was “want to come see the paper tree in my bedroom?!” No, that’s not somehow a crude innuendo. I was actually ridiculously proud of each individual piece of paper that I cut up and stuck to my wall with scotch tape. I wanted to show it off. That’s just the type of person that I am.

Ottawa paper tree, circa 2009

I also created a more lame-sauce version of my Ottawa paper tree on my door in Sudbury, but had to take it down awhile ago since it was faded by the killer evening sun. And so my door was plain and white for sometime. And that wouldn’t do.

So the other night I created a more grown-up, Things Organized Neatly paper arrangement to go on my door.

I got to use some of the four dozen paint chips that I took from a hardware store in Ottawa.

I punched out circles in each chip and carefully arranged them by shade.

Then I messed around with the leftovers to make a fun colour pinwheel.

Back to the circles – I neatly stuck them to my no-longer-bare bedroom entrance. And voila, new door art! I like it because it looks like two rows of colourful elevator buttons, which appeals to me and my lifelong desire to be a character in the book Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.


10 thoughts on “Experiments with colour and paper

  1. Ooo, I love paper and stationary. My 8yr old and I enjoyed looking at some of your paper ideas. (we’re going to build a cardboard & paper chocolate factory today inspired by Charlie & the Chocolate factory! You’ve given us some great ideas!) Thanks!

  2. “Ottawa paper tree, circa 2009” looks cool! Although I don’t quite get the upper part of it – is there some kind of optical illusion?….oh I see – it’s the ceiling )))

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