When life gives you a destroyed colour block cover-up, make a beautiful braided eternity scarf

I know this is kind of bad, but I’ve always taken washing instructions with a grain of salt.

You say hand wash? I say stuff it into one of those mesh bra bags and go crazy. You say wash with like colours? I say wash with towels and sweatpants.

You say do not iron? I say iron anyways.

And that’s where I got screwed over.

See that? It says “low iron as needed.” Instead, I plunged this piece of clothing into the inferno of hell.
I did this.

Goodbye beautiful Urban Outfitters colour-blocked cover-up. So much sadness. This was one of my favourite go-to summer cover-ups, and I’ve worn it everywhere from workplace functions to inside the Vatican. Yes, the Vatican modesty police approved.

But hey, when life gives you a piece of clothing with a tear in it, make a cool eternity scarf that you saw on Pinterest! A motto to live by.

The other night I searched the term “DIY eternity scarf” on the site, and, after mindlessly trolling page after page of photos, I saw this one. Please note that I am drawn to braids like a moth to a flame.

I clicked the link and was heartbroken to see that I needed viscose – a special type of fabric that was certainly too much of an effort for me to go out and buy. Sigh sigh sigh. In my viscose-induced depression, I decided to read the tag on my destroyed shrug.

Eighty-six per cent viscose. Score! That was enough for me.

I did the “I have viscose dance” around my bedroom.

And so, on the Sunday of the May long weekend, I cut up my favourite colour block sweater and turned it into my favourite new braided scarf. Completion partially delayed by the need to purchase a strip of lace, something that was resolved by a Saturday trip to Fabricland.







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