Creative cookie gifting (and the end of my undergrad degree)

Yeah, this happened. Because I am a domestically-inclined five-year-old in disguise. Last week I finished my undergraduate degree in journalism at Carleton University. Yikes, I know. The combination of me hitting 22 and graduating all within the same two-month span has been enough to send me spiralling into a tiny quarter life crisis, filled with existential self-reflection moments that normally involve me lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. Ee. But away from all, I have many people to thank for my undergrad success, and these cookies pay tribute to just a few of them: my professors and one former boss. Before you start rolling your eyes (too late?) and calling me an apple polisher, though, please know that I think nice, helpful people deserve to be appreciated. These cards and cookies are my thanks, and nothing more. Journalism is a great little department, and these cookie receivers have always had their doors open to my questions, concerns, and rants. So to those professors, thank you – the passive voice is still something I’d be writing in (hah, get it?) if it wasn’t for them. Oh yeah, this was also an excuse to use up some baking supplies before I left, score! PS: buying a set of half-a-dozen brown paper bags from your friendly corner convenience store is a great way to package all baked goods. These ones¬†were inspired by my friend Martha.

Futon = cookie organization tool

Cookie recipes (that inspired mine): 1. Double chocolate chip cookies 2. Pumpkin cookies 3. Oatmeal raisin cookies 4. Vegan ginger cookies 5. Lavender shortbread cookies


3 thoughts on “Creative cookie gifting (and the end of my undergrad degree)

  1. Great post! Congratulations on your milestone-filled month! What a sweet way to give back to those whole helped maked you such a wonderful writer and blogger!

  2. Great idea! Will definitely try this for the next time I need some thank you gifts! Who doesn’t LOVE homemade cookies?

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