A Stella Luna-inspired prosciutto panini(ish)

I’m officially done my journalism degree! Clearly that means one thing – time to make some kick ass sandwiches.

Okay, but really, this sandwich – a make-shift panini – should be made regardless of whether or not you have a reason to celebrate. It’s inspired by the to-die-for paninis that they make at Stella Luna Gelato Café, my favourite neighbourhood retreat.

Why the panini(ish)? Well, I’m lacking a panini maker, meaning that I am forced to go without those fun, aesthetically-pleasing, highly-photographable lines on my sandwich. I’ll just have to deal. Broiling things is far more fulfilling and even sets off my fire alarm once in awhile.

The sandwich was organized neatly, because you know how i get into these neurotic streaks.

Here is what’s inside:

Prosciutto (sheds a succulent, fatty juice upon heating), a fresh panini bun, arugula (king of all greens), a couple of wedges of Parmesan cheese (the likes of which I re-discovered in our fridge’s meat drawer) and a scoop full of creamy, seasoned goat’s cheese (which I have no side comments about).

Stick ’em all together, broil the heck out of it and you get a melty, ooey-gooey mess of sandwich. Sure to please all. But mostly me. While I was studying for my j4k exam reading The Hunger Games.

Recipe: Prosciutto panini with arugula and Parmesan
– 1 panini bun
–  3 strips of prosciutto
– 3/4 cup arugula
– 3 slices of Parmesan cheese
– About a tbsp of goat’s cheese, seasoned or not

Set your oven to broil and adjust top rack so it’s close to the grill.

Put the cut panini bun on a baking sheet and toast on each side until slightly browned.

Add the prosciutto, arugula and cheese. Grill until cheese is melted. Slam the top on that baby and serve immediately.

Makes one delicious sort-of-panini.


2 thoughts on “A Stella Luna-inspired prosciutto panini(ish)

  1. I discovered Stella Luna last summer while I was visiting Ottawa and I loved it. It had a great buzz. And a great love story.

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