DIY rainbow bead necklace

It’s crafty project time!

One of my favourite bloggers lately has been Alexandra. I met Alexandra in Copenhagen when my friend Gord and I stayed at her apartment as part of our European adventure. Reading Alexandra’s blog, She is Red, is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I love drooling over her beautiful outfits, stunning accessories and gorgeous photo shoots (I seriously want to visit Oregon thanks to her pictures).

Anyways, in one of Alexandra’s most recent blog posts, she writes about this beautiful black bead necklace that she made using homemade clay beads. I thought the finished piece looked so super that I wanted to make something similar myself.

My inspiration - Alexandra's DIY necklace (Photo via She is Red)

Since I’m not really one to do anything sans colour, I decided my version would be inspired by the seven colours of the rainbow. Mr. Roy G. Biv himself (did your mom ever teach you that trick to remember the colour order? red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Now you know). Since I didn’t have the time or money to buy seven different colours of clay (though I do love the medium), I did the next best thing – took a trip to The Sassy Bead Co! I love this place. Mini mason jars filled with every bead imaginable line the walls. Clay beads, glass beads, big beads, little beads… all lie in small velvet boxes on a centre table. Two middle aged women sit by the front window making small talk and tiny beaded flowers.

I spent half an hour looking for the perfect beads. These choices can’t be taken lightly, you know.

My initial choices sit atop miles and miles of boxed beads

I finally settled on my favourite ones, and popped over to the counter where the friendly salesperson helped me string the beads onto a thin wire and attach it to a delicate gold chain (ok, she did this last part). I love the end result. Love, love, love it. It screams Hilary and I will wear it everywhere.

PS: It was such a beautiful day in Ottawa. Inspiration is pouring in.


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