Happy Birthday Brittany!

Since March is the best month to be born in, it’s no surprise that one of my favourite people is also born during this time.  I’ve mentioned Britt several times on my blog in passing, but just to review, she is my roommate, best friend, and motivator extraordinaire.  She is also mature beyond her years and, despite her only just turning 20, she has acted as my mother figure in Ottawa since second year.  My learning to cook can also be accredited to Britt, who coaxed me out of my safe haven of grilled cheese sandwiches and George Foreman grilled chicken.  B, I owe you one.

I tried (and perhaps failed) to make this card as rad as Britt’s personality.  She’s into the whole rock and roll thing, and thought that sparkly paper from The Papery would suffice in meshing this musical genre into birthday card form.  There’s also some groovy, multi-coloured sparkle paper on the inside, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say it was wicked.

PS: I PROMISE I’m going to start blogging about food again. I’ve basically been eating cupcakes non-stop for the past week, and am dying to eat healthy meals.  I made a great dinner tonight and am planning something extra-special for breakfast tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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