The Ottawa Cupcake Challenge

Dear world:

A few weeks ago I was asked by Jessey to be a guest blogger for Local Tourist Ottawa, a cool blog that her and her friend Amy started a while back.  The idea behind the blog is great: it’s all about people sharing what they love about Ottawa and encouraging others to discover more about the city they live in (what fun is a city to live in if you can’t explore it, after all?).  When I saw that Jes wanted me to be a guest blog, I was out-of-my-mind excited.  Maybe this is a good time to say this: I have absolutely NO idea how/why people are still reading my blog or how I am suddenly a legit blogger.  People I don’t know comment on my posts, link to me off of their blogs, and everything!  Anyways, it’s mind boggling, and I’m so honoured and happy that people seem to like what I do.  So everyone, thank you so much for giving me even more validation to do what I love.  It’s really just so lovely.

Buuuuuut back to me guest blogging.  I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to write about at first, until one day it hit me:

I am going to find Ottawa’s perfect cupcake.

With that thought firmly planted in my mind, and I pitched the idea to Jes who (thank heavens) loved it.

So here is a shameless plug.  Please, please, please read my posts on Local Tourist Ottawa, as I sacrifice my dental health and well being for a delicious mission.  Here’s the link to the intro post I’ve already written, outlining the technicalities of my adventure.  I plan on trying/blogging about at least one cupcake a week, so please keep checking back for updates.  I’ve already got a list of more than a dozen bakeries/cupcakes to try (so many people commented on my intro post/tweeted at me suggesting places!), so I’ve got my work cut out for me.

A notepad appropriate of such a mission. Thanks mom!

2 thoughts on “The Ottawa Cupcake Challenge

  1. I was eating a cupcake as I read your post! Let me know if you find any tasty GF cupcakes on your journey. I can’t wait to hear all your adventures in cupcake tasting :)

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