Happy Birthday Iman!

My good friend Iman just celebrated her 21st birthday this past week!  I met Iman in March of last year when she plopped herself down next to me at a group interview for this Summer Orientation leader job that we both ended up getting (she was the best parent presentation partner EVER!).  From the moment I met her, I knew there was something different about this girl (initially it was because she somehow creepishly knew who I was).  This girl has the sweetest, most innocent personality in the world, and when she turns on her cute Malaysian charm, you won’t know what hit you!  Iman, I hope you had the best birthday ever and that your 21st year continues to be full of magical moments and the best of luck.  PS: Parent Trap handshake soon? :)

The birthday girl and I working up a storm at Expo Carleton.

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