Happy Birthday Ariel!

To one of my best friends Ariel (whose birthday is actually today so I’m not even late on this post) I give…

– A shopping trip filled with all the shoe and boot purchases she desires.  I promise not to give her a hard time and make her take inventory of the shoes she already has;
– A magical device (maybe they’re called brakes?) that can be installed in your car to prevent you from (a) driving off cliffs on the Sea to Sky and (b) warns you of oncoming speed bumps;  :)
– Nail polish in every colour of the spectrum;
– A new red lipstick to replace the one I wrecked at our Christmas party, and;
– A magical evening with Andersoon Cooper who just happens to be feeling straight and frisky for the night.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, I give her this card!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MERFACE! I hope you’re having a lovely time at home and that you have a fabulous time at your fancy birthday party!

PS: I hope your Ottawa birthday celebrations assist in creating many more of these Kodak moments:


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