Happy Birthday Doug (what better way to express birthday wishes than through a cookie pizza?)

When my co-worker and good friend Kristina approached me a few weeks ago to help her make cookies for her boyfriend Jasen’s dad, I knew this couldn’t just be any normal baking session.  What Kristina proposed was that, since Doug loved cookies, we make him a plethora of different varieties, in hopes of satisfying his apparent sweet tooth.  Of course, I saw this as an opportunity to do something creative and different – the cookie pizza was born!

Now I must admit I cannot take complete credit for this cookie pizza idea.  Ever since I was an 11 and ate cookie dough by the bowlful, I have known about cookies and their remarkable ability to double as pretty awesome birthday cakes.  The idea for this cookie pizza was actually inspired by two sources.  The first was Ariel, one of my beloved, school-year roommates.  Ariel had made a cookie pizza back in March, and could not stop bragging about how good it was (I unfortunately did not get a piece, which makes me extremely upset, considering I heard about it for weeks on end). The second was a search through trusty google images, to find this gorgeous picture and recipe for a dessert pizza.  Drawing a little inspiration from each, Kristina, Elisabeth (my super cool friend from Norway!) and I managed to churn out something which I think is pretty wonderful.  Ridiculous thing that never happens in my kitchen: somehow Kristina does not own dry ingredient measuring cups, so things like flour and brown sugar were measured in a gravy mixer.

Anatomy of the Cookie Pizza:
– Chocolate chip cookie (using mom’s recipe, of course – mom, I know you love it when I give you shout-outs, so here we are)
– Buttercream icing
– Red sprinkles (to make up for the fact that we completely forgot to dye the icing red…)
– Shredded coconut
– Red chocolate moulding wafers
– M&M’s, star sprinkles, baking gums and whatever your heart desires.
– Chocolate glaze piped through a sandwich-size Ziploc bag (try not to make your letters obese like my “H”)

Result: sugary birthday treat, perfect for a grown up sweet tooth.  Hope he liked it!

I realize that reading my blog right now is like looking into a candy store.  As of tomorrow, this sugar-streak will end and I will once again return to my attempts at healthy-almost-including-vegetables meals.  Apologies.


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