Gord makes dinner (and gets challenged)

I’ll keep this relatively short and simple: my awesomely talented friendGordmade me dinner as a reward for successfully completing his tofu challenge.  Here are a few pictures of the wonderful meal he made (super impressive)…

Gazpacho (I still have a hard time saying it, I’ll admit)

Quinoa Salad (also can’t pronounce that properly)

And le pièce de résistance?  Crème brûlée…because of course Gord just has a blowtorch casually sitting around in his kitchen (seriously, I laughed so hard).  YUM.

Also, I am going to use this post to announce Gord’s FIRST blog challenge: he has requested that I challenge him to make pie from scratch, a thing he apparently has always wanted to do.  So there you have it Gord…a little less terrifying than death-by-tofu, but what can you do?  Make it photogenic, make it delicious and, most importantly, make it for me!!!!


4 thoughts on “Gord makes dinner (and gets challenged)

  1. I’m slightly worried as to why Gord has a “random blowtorch” lying around in his kitchen…

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