Herb and Vegetable Pot Pie

Ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, I would like to introduce to you my first completely vegetarian dish!  The best part?  The recipe is almost completely my own.  The worst part?  Ricotta cheese gets extremely runny when I impatiently cut the dish before it is cool and set…  The picture below is obviously one that I took prior to the entire dish becoming a sunken, mushy mess.

For the crust, I used a pre-made pillsbury pie dough.  From here the pie is composed of red/orange peppers, fresh chives and thyme and ricotta cheese.  The moral of this cooking story?  Don’t use loads of pie crust.  The combination of me eating the crust of my dinner as well as shoveling raw dough in my mouth before, led to the most gigantic stomach ache I have ever experienced.  It even topped the time I ate half a roll of pre-made cookie dough.

Side note: as I type this, my computer screen is divided in half, with part being dedicated to me typing this post, and the other half being reserved for my new favourite movie: Julie & Julia (I have watched it at least five times in the past month).  Quite appropriate for my recent cooking adventures, oui?  And so, as I eat the mushy remains of what is the rest of my pot pie, I listen to Julia’s French coo-ing, and the sounds of Julie attempting to kill a lobster.  What else can I say?  I’m inspired.  BON APPETIT!


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