Birthday dinner for dad

Adventuring outside the world of Kraft Dinner and foods made on tortillas used to be a challenge for me, however, I would like to think that I am very slowly becoming a bit more accomplished in the kitchen.  Anyways, my dad’s birthday is next week and since he will be in Sweden for the big day, we decided to celebrate a week early.  Obviously wanting to show off my newfound cooking abilities, I offered to make dinner and dessert for my dear old dad and the fam.  Thankfully, the meal turned out awesomely, and I managed to prevent the stove from lighting on fire.  I know, good job me.

I made two recipes from my nice, brand new cookbook, Canadian Living’s Everday Favourites cookbook, with which I am now completely enamored.  Here are the results of my afternoon labours…

Steak stir-fry with noodles
(Yes, in a shocking and unpredictable move I even ate the green peppers)…

Raspberry streusel coffee cake
(My dad loves raspberries, so this was the perfect grown-up birthday cake)…


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