I LOVE U (of T) & a long overdue reunion

Before I start a lengthy rant about how much I loved exploring the University of Toronto’s grounds, let me first write out a few lines defending my actual university.

As many of you know, I’m a student at Carleton University, located in our nation’s great capital, Ottawa.  I love my school.  I love it so much that I worked there all last summer and balanced three campus jobs this year.  I love the chicken naans they serve at the grad student pub, Mike’s Place (which is aptly named after my favourite PM, L.B. Pearson), the hidden porch outside the history department in Patterson Hall, and the way the O-Train always seems to come humming by just as I’m talking about it to wide-eyed high schoolers (one of my three campus jobs is as a tour guide).

The purpose of this post is simply to digitally drool over the wonders of U of T, and is not some sort of treason-filled statement of hatred for Carleton.  On that note: GO RAVENS.


U of T.  This post is quite delayed, since I actually explored the campus after the very first day of my internship on April 11.  The night was originally meant to be a reunion between me and my elementary school friend Brandon, and not a night of exploratory fun.  Brandon and I were good friends between grades four and six, when we were both in enriched computer classes and I was a tomboy.  After I moved away from Timmins after grade 10, we kind of lost touch with each other.  We had been talking about a Toronto meet-up for years, and so today was finally the day.

Brandon is in Victoria College at U of T.  He also happens to be a tour guide (we’re everywhere!), which worked out quite well as far as exploring went.  We started off with a sushi dinner, walking past Toronto’s exclusive Yorkville neighbourhood and out into the Annex on our way.  I recognized a few scenes from past Toronto trips with the fam.

ROM: the place where I intend to spend a full day before leaving this city.
Honest Ed's at Bloor and Bathurst - my mom took my brother and I here once when we were really young

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