The perfect snack: Homemade kettle corn

Life has been changed forever.

Probably in a bad way, since my days will now be consumed by popcorn eating.

I’ve always loved popcorn.

Just ask the good folks at the Mayfair who always bare witness to an ecstatic Hilary running towards them as they give away gigantic bags of end-of-the-night popcorn. Ask anyone who goes to the fair with me. Ask Ariel who was nearly trampled to death at Bluesfest this year when I ran through the crowd in search of a popcorn seller.

Fact: I am investing in my health.

Lets look at the positives. Popcorn is better for you than chips. It’s also significantly cheaper. Okay, so I eat it in bed for breakfast sometimes, but really, doesn’t everyone?

But okay, if you aren’t currently a popcorn-in-bed eater, this recipe will convert you. I swiped this recipe off my friend and roommate Brittany who, if possible, would create an at-home version of every single snack food. Her blog is full of delicious, homemade concoctions. Go love it.

Anyways, the other night as Britt, Freya and I were settling in to watch Kill Bill, the former decided to whip up a batch of kettle corn. Even though Freya and I were sharing a large bowl (B separated hers to put nutritional yeast on it, typical), our popcorn was gone in an instant. Really, record-breaking time.

We needed to make more popcorn, and ran over to the corner store in desperation, searching for more corn kernels. They were closed, and we were left with only a half-sized, second serving. Probably wise.

Since that fateful night, uh, less than a week ago, I’ve made three more batches of the popcorn. It is sinfully delicious in every way.

Prepare to snack.

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