Monster-sized Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies

These cookies were so large they should have had their own gravitational pull.

When I first saw these cookies on Tastespotting I knew I had to make them.  The question was: for whom?  My roommates have been experiencing a sugar overload in the past few weeks thanks to all the leftover cupcakes I’ve been bringing home.  Our house cupcake count is ranging somewhere between 30-40 cupcakes, which I think is an exceptionally impressive number.  Anyways, I wanted to expand the sugar appreciation beyond the walls of my house and find some new recipients for my baking.

And so, I made these for my multimedia journalism class.  A few people in the class have been bugging me since the beginning of the term to bring in some sort of dessert, so I thought I should finally oblige.  As the end of term creeps closer (only a week left now!) I get lured deeper into an obsessive baking fixation.  Baking is my means of procrastination and, whether my schedule likes it or not, I intend to spend at least 12 hours baking within the next week.

But back to the cookies.  They are HUGE!  In accordance with the recipe, I took an Oreo cookie (the double stuff variety, of course) and plopped a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough on the top and bottom of the Oreo.  Then I smushed the dough around the Oreo, completely hiding it and creating a dough ball that was approximately the size of a small softball.  The finished result was a cookie so large you had to eat it like a hamburger.

Make these for kids birthday parties if you dare.

Wicked co-ordination between cookie and oven mitts

Source: Picky Palate via The Kitchenarian


Cookies and Creme Cupcakes with Oreo Cream Cheese Icing

I made these cupcakes late last week in preparation for a field trip I was taking on the weekend with my roommate Britt.  She, and the rest of the Carleton varsity nordic ski team, happened to be competing in North Bay this past weekend.  North Bay just happens to be a hop, skip and a jump away from my hometown of Sudbury, so I decided to take a little break from the madness of Ottawa and have a weekend breather at home.

Since I was bumming a ride off a bunch of athletes, I wanted to do something to earn their acceptance.  And of course, everyone loves cupcakes.  So, I set out across the Internet to find the most delicious looking cupcake recipe that I could.  I found the recipe for these ones on my favourite food blog, Annie’s Eats.

Get this – there was half an Oreo at the bottom of every one of these cupcakes (see picture below!), making the first bite a sweet surprise.  Then there were chunks of oreos chopped into the cupcake batter.  To top it off was a decadent cream cheese icing with crushed oreo crumbs and a cookie garnish.  I think I bought out the grocery store’s entire supply of oreos in preparation to make these, but it was totally worth it.  Also, making these cupcakes reminded me of how miserable I am at icing things.  Since proper piping bags aren’t really in my student budget (although I have managed to snag some of Britt’s in the past), I was using a floppy Ziploc bag with a hole cut in the corner.  Even though the cupcakes looked nice, I ended up with half the frosting all over my hands, in my hair, on my apron……..

The fancy schmancy Oreo base

While I modeled the food (aka ate part of the cupcake so a picture could be taken of the inside), Britt got her camera out on the bus.  After some shaky pictures taken while travelling down a bumpy northern Ontario highway, we decided to wait until we got to North Bay before having a full fledged photo shoot with these cupcakes.  And then, I shared with the team, and earned their acceptance, one cookie-filled bite at a time.

Have cupcakes, will travel.

Note: All these pictures were taken by my talented roommate Brittany.