EXPLORED: Toronto’s Distillery District (half photo gallery, half a tale of my sugar-infused afternoon)

What a wonderful afternoon.

I don’t know about you, but exploring new places makes me so terrifically happy that I want to skip, cheer and dance (simultaneously).

I spent this past holiday weekend in Toronto.  My second day in Ontario’s capital started off fairly low key.  After a blissful morning of sleep, I called my aunt and uncle to see if they, for lack of a better term, wanted to “hang out.”  One quick BIXI ride later, we met for a lunchtime reunion over Front Street pub grub.

My aunt and uncle outside of the Mill Street Brewery (best beer EVER)

Now, be it pollution or just general weather phenomena, the sky was filled with a thin, cloud-like fog.  Any evidence of skyscrapers or even the CN Tower were masked by this layer, and it looked as though someone had taken an eraser to the skyline of Canada’s largest city.

After lunch, we strolled the short 15 minutes to the Distillery District.  The rain that had poured on the city earlier in the afternoon had evaporated, leaving a crisp, clear spring day.  The weather was perfect.

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