Retro banana cream pie

This was the craving that just wouldn’t quit. Ever since I was gifted a copy of Canadian Living’s Complete Baking Cookbook, I’ve been dying to make this recipe.

Cream pies have always intrigued me (even more recently thanks to this). I think it started when I was in grade four. At the time, I’m almost 100 per cent positive that my mom made some sort of cream pie for the volunteers at my elementary school’s morning snack program. She was insistent that I eat none of said pie, and I was left staring longingly inside the fridge at a dessert that I would never eat. Picture 1o-year-old Hilary pouting. Not a happy sight.

A decade later, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. Unlike normal people who bake for some sort of occasion, I made this pie on a Wednesday night with no intention to do anything but enjoy it all by myself (possibly in bed). Sometimes you just need to make yourself a pie, right?

In the end, I did end up sharing. For I had experienced pie denial at a young age, and knew that I could never force anyone else to endure such soul-crushing rejection (sorry mom). My roommates got many slices, as did my friend who lives across the street, Lindsay. Lindsay lets us borrow her hand mixer (ours died an unfortunate death). She is very important. Finally, I also shared with my old roommate, Alex. Since we’re not living together anymore, she is not the recipient of random and spontaneous weekday baking spurts. Sharing is nice.

Alex kindly freezing her butt off in order help me take photos on the deck. There was snow.

The layers in this one will blow your mind. Here’s the pie anatomy, check it:
– Graham cracker crust
– Layer of melted, semi-sweet chocolate
– Half the banana cream custard
– Layer of sliced bananas
– Other half of the banana cream custard
– Chocolate chips
– Whipped cream
– Shaved chocolate

BAM. Ten-year-old me is happily jumping about and winning at Chinese baseball right now.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

In honour of the first official Summer Orientation Leader sleepover held last night, I decided to postpone Friday’s treat until Sunday, so I could make something extra special and extra tasty.  Unsure of what dessert would warrant additional “oohs” and “aahhs” from my co-workers, I flipped through my Canadian Living cookbook, hoping to be inspired.  Just as I was about to give up and make some lame cookie recipe, I found it; the dream dessert of my childhood, combining what are possibly my two most favourite things: chocolate peanut butter pie.  If someone had made this for me as a kid, I swear I wouldn’t have been able to run to the kitchen fast enough.

The recipe boasted a deliciously crunchy chocolate wafer crust (which isn’t shown in the photos because I did an absolutely miserable job of cutting my plated piece), a rich peanut butter-infused filling (there was whipping cream folded into it!!!!), and an AMAZING chocolate drizzle.  How AMAZING you ask?  Let’s just put it this way…I was piping chocolate sauce into my mouth for 15 minutes straight after the completion of the pie topping.  All in all, the pie was extremely rich and decadent, but it turned out absolutely perfect.  Warning if you plan to make this (and I highly suggest that you do): with a painful amount of chilling required, leave an entire afternoon free for complete preparation.

There is a leftover piece of pie sitting in my fridge which I am supposed to be saving for my roommate’s boyfriend (peanut butter foods are his Kryptonite); however I am seriously considering eating it, and supplying him with one “IOU a piece of the best pie ever” ticket.  We shall see.